October 15th snapshot, three more snapshots compatible with NVDA versions earlier than 2020.3 #testdrivebuilds By Joseph Lee ·
Notice: official StationPlaylist support forum is migrating from Yahoo! Groups By Joseph Lee ·
October 12th development snapshots, version 20.11 is essentially complete 2 messages #testdrivebuilds By Joseph Lee ·
October 9th development snapshot posted #testdrivebuilds By Joseph Lee ·
search 2 messages By Robert Doc Wright ·
October 6th development snapshot, a bit more stable than recent builds #testdrivebuilds By Joseph Lee ·
Version 20.10.1 stable and 20.09.2-LTS, along with October 2nd build to be released tonight 7 messages #addonrelease By Joseph Lee ·
September 30th development snapshot #testdrivebuilds By Joseph Lee ·
September 28th development snapshot, the next two snapshots will be a bit unstable #testdrivebuilds By Joseph Lee ·
Eloquence with NVDA. By Alex Banwell ·
StationPlaylist add-on September 24th snapshot, 20.10.1 and 20.09.2-LTS to be released on October 2nd #testdrivebuilds By Joseph Lee ·
September 22nd snapshot released, requires NVDA 2020.1 or later #testdrivebuilds By Joseph Lee ·
FW: [StationPlaylist] 5.50 beta testing By Joseph Lee ·
September 20th development snapshot is on its way, last version to support NVDA 2019.3 #testdrivebuilds By Joseph Lee ·
Problem with Encoder Window 3 messages By Dan Kerstetter ·
SPL add-on 20.10 officially released, 20.11 and 21.01 development plan and impending end of development snapshots#AddonRelease By Joseph Lee ·
Problem with Layered Keystrokes 2 messages By Dan Kerstetter ·
A Changed Keystroke 2 messages By Dan Kerstetter ·
SPL add-on 20.10 to be released on September 18th #addonrelease By Joseph Lee ·
September 14th development build is on its way #testdrivebuilds By Joseph Lee ·
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