Development snapshot notice: final dev snapshot to be released in late March, February 24th snapshot to require NVDA 2020.4 #testdrivebuilds By Joseph Lee ·
SPL add-on 21.03/20.09.6-LTS release plan, a future development build to require NVDA 2020.4 By Joseph Lee ·
SPL add-on Lunar New Year snapshot, version 20.09.6-LTS will be the final LTS20 release #testdriebuilds By Joseph Lee ·
help 5 messages By Robert Wright ·
StationPlaylist add-on 21.02 4 messages #addonrelease By Joseph Lee ·
Questions 2 messages By Jasmine ·
February 5th development snapshot, mandatory snapshot for encoder users #testdrivebuilds By Joseph Lee ·
Version 21.02 stable version to be released soon By Joseph Lee ·
February 3rd snapshot with internal bug fixes, another NVDA version jump 2 messages #testdrivebuilds By Joseph Lee ·
January 28th snapshot, one final major feature added, snapshots to focus on bug fixes and localization updates #testdrivebuilds By Joseph Lee ·
Problem Recording a Show By Dan Kerstetter ·
January 26th snapshot posted #testdrivebuilds By Joseph Lee ·
January 23rd snapshot, yet another internal code upgrade in progress #testdrivebuilds By Joseph Lee ·
January 19th snapshot posted, additional bug fixes on its way #testdrivebuilds By Joseph Lee ·
January 15th development snapshot with bug fixes #testdrivebuilds By Joseph Lee ·
January 13th snapshot, more bug fixes 2 messages #testdrivebuilds By Joseph Lee ·
January 11th development snapshot is on its way, more bug fixes regarding add-on user interface #testdrivebuilds By Joseph Lee ·
SPL add-on Anniversary Edition aka 21.01/20.09.5-LTS released #addonrelease By Joseph Lee ·
January 5th snapshot, removing devleoper email feedback command and a bug fix #testdrivebuilds By Joseph Lee ·
January 2nd snapshot, identical to upcoming 21.01 release #testdrivebuilds By Joseph Lee ·
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