Version 21.06 is coming, 20.09.x support has ended, why I'm looking for new add-on maintainers


Hello all,

Several major announcements:

  • Version 21.06: yes, this version is on its way. Originally it was a localization update until a critical compatibility issue with upcoming NVDA 2021.1 was found that made the add-on unusable. Specifically, the issue causes several add-on dialogs to not work properly. This issue is undergoing internal testing and will be part of the next stable version.
  • Version 20.09.x is EOL (end of life): effective May 10, 2021, support for 20.09.x-LTS has ended.



As you can tell from the subject line, I’m still looking for new add-on maintainers. I hinted that I’ll be handing over the SPL add-on to new maintainers by end of this year, and here is why:

I was accepted into graduate school. Based on discussions with other graduate students, I felt it won’t be good to study while programming for NVDA project. Therefore, I am handing the SPL add-on to others for further maintenance.

There is a more pressing reason: when I began maintaining the current iteration of SPL ad-on in December 2013, I knew that actual StationPlaylist users (specifically, broadcasters) should maintain this add-on. Although I had passions for broadcasting, I didn’t have time to truly bring that to life. Therefore, I maintained the add-on from the viewpoint of someone with knowledge of NVDA screen reader internals, and I was constantly looking for people who are better suited to keep the add-on going should I leave the NVDA project.

The golden opportunity to leave the NVDA project came when I began submitting graduate school applications. I knew that I have to focus more on school as graduate school education is harder than undergraduate classes at colleges and universities. Considering that I was also planning to coach speech and debate teams, I knew it wouldn’t be right to split my attention between school and programming. Therefore, I decided that this is it – getting accepted into graduate school was the perfect opportunity to hand over the SPL add-on to people who can take it to the next level: actual users and broadcasters who understands the inner workings of SPL and perhaps can learn NVDA add-on writing if given a chance.

As a result, version 21.06 will be the second to last version of SPL add-on release from me, with the final version scheduled for August 2021. After that, I will ask new maintainers (including NVDA add-ons community) to keep the add-on going. I’ll keep my own SPL add-on repo open until end of 2021, at which point I’ll close it (make it read-only) so the new maintainers can fork it and maintain it further.