SPL add-on 21.03/20.09.6-LTS release plan, a future development build to require NVDA 2020.4


Hi all,

As of this moment development on SPL add-on 21.03 and 20.09.6-LTS is complete, with the remaining work being integrating localization updates. I hope to release these versions around first week of March.


Related announcements:

  • As I stated before, 20.09.6-LTS will be the last release in 20.09.x series unless critical bugs are reported between now and end of April. Support for 20.09.x will end around April 30, 2021.
  • A future development snapshot will require NVDA 2020.4 (no, not this week). I expect the first snapshot requiring NVDA 2020.4 will be released about a week after NVDA 2020.4 stable version hits the air. NVDA 2020.4 requirement will show up to stable channel subscribers around April (either 21.04 or 21.05).
  • I’m still keeping an eye on NVDA 2021.1 development, and I hope to incorporate needed changes for the add-on before I hand over add-on maintenance to the NVDA community by this summer.