Notice: version 21.08 won't be the last version after all - add-on maintenance contieus for a while


Hi all,

Until last week I thought StationPlaylist add-on 21.08 will be the last version of the add-on under my maintenance, but things changed:

An important change just landed in NVDA alpha snapshots, a change that will affect a significant number of add-ons next year, including StationPlaylist add-on. Because the landed change is a potentially backwards incompatible change, I’ll maintain StationPlaylist add-on until the change from NVDA is ready for everyone. Therefore:

  • Version 21.08: foundation will be made to support old and new NVDA releases.
  • A version in the future: as soon as the first stable NVDA with the mentioned change above ships, I’ll release a version of StatoinPlaylist that will require the new stable release.


The change: for years people used a specific module to describe control roles and states. The module, control types, was refactored in a recent NVDA alpha snapshot to modernize it and make it more maintainable. This change affects StationPlaylist add-on, and the old way of looking up control roles and states is scheduled to retire next year, making the add-on incompatible with future NVDA releases. I’m going to lay the foundation to support old and new ways for a while, and in a future version of the add-on, only the refactored way will be supported.