March 25th snapshot posted, first snapshot to bring alarms panel command #testdrivebuilds


Hi all,


March 25th development snapshot is now available. This snapshot brings alarms settings panel command to life, along with laying the foundation to remove time-based profiles from the add-on.



  • Time-based broadcast profiles: began removing user interface for time-based broadcast profiles, such as defining duration for the profile once switched. Today’s snapshot brings no visible difference – foundation is there, however.
  • Alarms settings: no more dedicated alarms dialogs – to configure track outro/intro and microphone alarms, press Alt+NVDA+number row 1 (two finger flick left on touchscreens) from Studio window, which will open Alarms category in add-on settings screen. The other alarm commands (Alt+NvDA+2, Alt+NVDA+4, two finger flick right) are still available but these too will open alarms settings located in add-on settings screen. The duplicate commands will be removed in the future. And you don’t have to worry about alarms not working – they still work, the way you configure them has changed.


The next few snapshots will gradually remove the user interface associated with time-based broadcast profiles one piece at a time, which should be done by early April.