IMPORTANT NOTICE on SPL suite 6 and NVDA: support will be limited, screen review usage is required for some tasks, future of the SPL add-on


Hello all,

After testing SPL suite (mostly Studio) 6 and looking at life choices ahead, it appears I need to make the difficult decision of providing a limited support for Studio 6. As much as I wished to provide a more complete support for broadcasters upgrading to Studio 6, due to a combination of layout changes, accessibility issues, and what I need to do in life right now, I felt it would be best to provide enough support so folks can run their shows. Therefore:

  • SPL add-on 21.11 will be released (again) with the following issues resolved for studio 6 users: NVDA not announcing changes to status such as automation sometimes (not always, unfortunately as it is related to screen label issue), inability to enable Cart Explorer for Demo version users (Standard and Pro users are not affected), and NVDA not announcing the title of currently playing and upcoming tracks.
  • To obtain information such as Studio uptime and playlist modified status, you should use screen review mode (NVDA+Numpad 7 in desktop layout, NVDA+Page Up in laptop layout, then use review cursor keys to navigate screen content). Part of this workaround has to do with the fact that status bar items such as uptime and playlist modified status do not have accessible labels for screen readers as it used to – one must obtain screen content itself (display text) which is not always present. I’m thinking this is something to be resolved from Studio side as this issue affects Narrator as well – I’m guessing something beyond NVDA’s control. No accessibility labels, combined with screen layout changes, is making it a bit harder to come up with workarounds, but I’m working on providing at least some resemblance of usability for broadcasters.
  • I expect SPL add-on 21.11 will be the second to last version of the add-on from me; I expect the final (planned) version to be released in January 2022, hopefully with more issues resolved (preferably from Studio side). It is time for me to move on, but before I end add-on maintenance, I want to make sure at least you have something useful (and yes, I’m now more desperate to find new maintainers).

Hope this helps.