Development snapshot notice: final dev snapshot to be released in late March, February 24th snapshot to require NVDA 2020.4 #testdrivebuilds


Hi all,

Two important notices regarding development snapshots:


A few weeks ago I announced that, as part of end of maintenance plan from me, development snapshots will end soon, and I did promise that I’ll provide a notice at least 30 days in advance. Now the day has come:

The last development snapshot of StationPlaylist add-on will be released toward end of March, at least 30 days from now.

After that, everyone on dev channel will receive version 21.04, the next stable version of the add-on.

Speaking of version 21.04: this version will be the version jump release – it will require NVDA 2020.4 or later. To prepare users for this, February 24th snapshot will require NVDA 2020.4. Note that this is a soft transition – only the add-on manifest information will change, with the full transition to be completed next week (add-on code itself will change by then). Version jump will be required for everyone on stable channel in April (hence the version title). As I promised, 21.03 and 20.09.6-LTS will happily run on NVDA 2020.3.