April 1st development snapshot, third to last development snapshot #testdrivebuilds


Hi all,

No, not an April Fool’s Day joke.

A few weeks ago I announced that the last development snapshot of SPL add-on will be released toward end of March, but events around the world (some of them affecting me a bit) caused it to be delayed. But there will be no more delay:

April 1st development snapshot will be published in a few hours. And no, it won’t be the last dev snapshot – there will be two more dev snapshots, the last one will be identical to upcoming add-on version 21.04. After that, people on development snapshots will receive add-on version 21.04. I expect 21.04 itself (along with 20.09.7-LTS, the last 20.09.x release) to go live by next week at the earliest.

The snapshot release schedule is thus (can change without notice):

  • April 1: readme updates.
  • April 5: pressing SPL Assistant, Shift+F1 will open the stable version user guide as there is really no need for a dev snapshot guide anymore.
  • April 7 at the earliest: final development snapshot, identical to version 21.04.


But add-on maintenance will continue for a while:

  • Version 21.06 or 21.07 depending on when NVDA 2021.1 is released: localization updates, dev snapshot download link will be removed from readme and from community add-ons website, no changes to features whatsoever.
  • Early fall: final stable version from me, mostly involving localization updates.
  • Perhaps by the time NVDA 2022.1 is released: changes to support future NVDA releases; I might consider this upon request if there’s no-one maintaining the add-on then.


The most important thing to keep in mind is the second item – I’m hoping someone will sign up to maintain the add-on past 2021. I’ll end add-on maintenance on December 31, 2021.





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